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My life in "Corporate American" was way out of balance. Too many hours and almost no time for myself and family. 

I needed to control my own destiny.


This opportunity afforded me that and the potential for tremendous income. 

Since starting my health, family life and personal goals and income continue to improve.


Getting started was a great decision.

Los Angeles, USA

Meet Just A Few Of Our Entrepreneurs: 

Being a lifelong student of Personal Development and deeply involved in my own spirituality, I finally found something here that aligned with all of my core values and allows me to generate an executive level income from anywhere in the world. 

I learned and applied the principles taught to create a brand new life.

Michigan, USA

The income opportunity is amazing, but it's the personal development (our products) and our community that have been the most useful for me. 


With the changes that I've made in myself I met my husband and now have three children.


What we do has so much potential, is fun and rewarding.

Utah, USA

Make up to $8,000 per sale

No Cold Calling

Real People, Real Results 

Not MLM 

Work from home with just your laptop and phone.

Full Support & Training 

Hi We're Jeff and Samantha. We're fortunate to run a business in an industry we're truly passionate about, Personal Development.

My background was sales management and Samantha's was professional placement in the Staffing Industry. We began looking for a business because of changes to payplans that put our family's lifestyle at risk, and frankly because we wanted to take control of our lives while doing something meaningful and rewarding.  

We looked at numerous business models, and even considered opening our own Professional Placement Agency, but nothing really checked all the boxes of what we were really looking for. We had decided on some very specific perimeters of the ideal business we wanted and didn't want to settle for anything less.   

Our ideal business would give us the freedom to work from home, or wherever we were, and to work around our lives. It would also provide us the potential to replace our incomes in a reasonable period of time, and not have to recruit thousands of people to do so or hit up all of our family and friends. We also wanted something that helped others and had real value that we could be passionate about.   

Frankly, we actively looked for this ideal business for almost a year and didn't find anything that checked all the boxes. It wasn't until after we stopped searching and searching, and allowed the universe to do it's thing that this business presented itself to us. Once it did, we knew that we had found the right opportunity for us.   

If you're ready to start living a life by your own design, a life where you feel fulfilled and passionate about each day, then reach out to us now for free details.

We love Old Quebec City. Eating outside & watching people.

Fulfilling a life-long dream. Competing in a bodybuilding competition, and winning trophies. Not bad for 51!

We love soccer, so I took my son to Barcelona last year to see some matches at Camp Nou.

Samantha & I in Cancun

No Experience Required


Jeff & Samantha Cleveland

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